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Thanks for being here today. We tell you, we are a new employment agency aimed at satisfying all needs with the best quality and greater speed.


Job candidates can browse a job opening on the agency's website or other channels. They can also meet with recruiters to discuss their qualifications. In both scenarios, the recruiters review their skills and background and then select corresponding positions that employers are looking to fill. The candidates sign up with the agency, who will manage the entire recruitment and hiring process.


Staffing agencies often offer free training and courses to help candidates become more marketable. You can take advantage of these resources to improve your skills, write a better resume or prepare for your interview. Tell your recruiter about any gaps in your employment history, including the reasons why you were terminated, if that is the case. It will allow the recruiter to explain the situation to the employer.

Employee Hiring

The agencies take care of most of the paperwork, such as managing the candidates' contracts and terminating them when necessary. They manage employment taxes, including Social Security, as well as payroll. Employers can save time and energy by using staffing agencies' services. For temporary positions, staffing agencies pay the employees directly.

We offer a full variety of staffing options. Although it may seem intimidating, navigating the legal aspects of hiring a new employee simply comes down to filling out a few forms and complying with certain regulations. We do it for you

We propose Talent Solutions Outsourced Solutions Staffing Solutions

S24H has the expertise to help connect top worker with you business. Workforce Management

General Labor

We have or recruit the employees you need for the job you offer. to provide services of exemplary quality

Material Handler

Men and women passionately prepared to handle any type of material indoors or outdoors

Maintenance and Janitorial

Maintenance and janitorial in public and private spaces, business centers, buildings or factories.


Staff to pack products, distribute, organize, transport, with a willingness to give the best for the development of your company

Warehouse Clerk

These professionals load and unload items from delivery trucks, move merchandise to the appropriate storage area, prepare outgoing shipments, and check that orders are complete and not damaged

Machine Operator

Machine operators, also called Machinists, are responsible for a variety of machine-specific functions—from setting-up equipment, loading materials and operating machinery

We are here to help people like you. People that work, people that progress

Our clients are the best references

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