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People buy what they know. Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves.
Staffing 24 Hours, is made up of two owners.
Hipólito Vega

Hipólito Vega, professional journalist and business entrepreneur in the Dominican Republic, residing in the city of Paterson in the State of New Jersey. Director of the newspaper El Sol Dominicana  and a training in human resources.




Miguel Gonell

Miguel Gonell, Dominican and citizen of the United States, with extensive experience in personnel management. He lives the city of Paterson, where he has been in the productive countryside and linked to the city’s living force.

We are here to establish a fruitful and long-lasting business relationship.

We have a staff of workers to develop any type of work activity, who are employees of Staffing 24 Hours.


Fulfill the purposes of satisfying the needs of our clients looking for the most correct solution

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Build a large service company throughout the United States

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